Level 2A

Level 2A is third in the series. Similar to level 1C, the texts offer simple vocabulary and short paragraphs, although the texts can be a little longer overall. Where they really differ from the previous level is in the questions and in what the reader is asked to do with the information in the text. Moving beyond matching words and locating answers directly in the text, they now need to cycle through the text to find answers. The cycling is apparent in two ways. First, some questions require the reader to pull two pieces of information from the text; this requires them to cycle through the text once to find the first example and again to find the second example. Alternately, some questions require the learner to locate a piece of information in the text that will then direct them to the answer, which involves going through the text twice.


Readers’ Skills

At this level, readers can relate information in the text to information further along in the text. Readers demonstrate their abilities to make comparisons and to use comparisons to find further information. Additionally, readers can select among choices in short text. It is at this level that readers start to go beyond basic information and use their searching skills to find complex information.


Package includes:

  • Tests (Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Circle)
  • Answer Keys (Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Circle)
  • Results Feedback Form


Download Level 2A Resources here.  


    Results Feedback Form